Dragon Ball Super [Episode 72] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Goku revived from his death! Goku figures out Hit’s assassination skill!?

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with Images】The official title for the “Dragon Ball Super “ Episode 72 is -!
「Wii there be a counterattack!? The invisible killing strike!!」

Air Date: December 25 2016


Story of episode 72










Goku’s killed by assassin Hit.
Goku comes back to life by the impact of the Ki blast he shoot before he dies.

Goku tries to fight with Hit again.
Goku, successfully figures out Hit’s assassination skill.
Seems like Hit’s been shooting 「invisible Ki.」
Even though Goku can block attacks from Hit, he can’t even attack Hit.

While Hit receives attack, he controls time and moves himself into the parallel world.
That’s the reason why Goku couldn’t attack him.

Vados and Champa were requested to hire Hit for assassination of Goku by proxy.
Beerus, Whis, and Vegeta appear!

Goku turns into Super Saiyan Blue and elevates his Ki.
Goku forcefully destroys Hit’s temporospatial barrier!
Both of them used up all their energy and fallout.
The battle was drawn.

Finally, the truth has disclosed that Goku is the one who hired Hit to assassinate himself.
The reason for the request was just simply he wanted to fight with Hit as assassin.
The scene come back to peaceful.

Personal reviews and thoughts

I thought whoever hired to assassinate Goku is Whis.
I thought Whis asked Vados to hire Hit just for the training purpose.
I didn’t expect Goku hired Hit.
If I think about now, Goku already knew that Hit was after his life.

The picture art isn’t good in this episode.

The battle, Goku VS Hit was drawn.
This time, Vados explains well about Hit’s 「Time Skip」and 「assassination skills」.

I don’t get the meaning of “while Hit gets attack, he moves himself in parallel world.”
If he is in parallel world, why we can see his figure?
Looks like even though he is in parallel world, he can attack. He shoot his invisible strike toward different way though, the attack hit Goku.
Personally, it was very confusing skill.
Goku turns into Blue and blast Kamehameha into Hit’s parallel world to destroy them.

It is very weird that Vegeta suggests to exchange training and steak just to find out what kind of training Goku is in.
I can’t believe Vegeta skips his training…..
There are lots of funny parts of Vegeta in this episode.
Vegeta can be a little bossy toward Whis but not Beerus.

Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans

  • Goku revived by himself!
  • Hit’s skill has been figured out by Goku every time!
  • What is “fake Ki” mean!?
  • Ki is invisible, isn’t it?
  • Even though they explained about Hit’s skill, I still don’t get it.
  • Whoever made this story line is dumb.
  • Goku elevates Ki and force to destroy….what a messed up ending.
  • Comedian Vegeta appears again!
  • Grandma’s secret recipe!
  • Vados is so cute.
  • Goku’s Ki can destroy parallel world?
  • Goku requested for assassination by himself! So unexpected!
  • Goku has suicidal ideation?
  • How does Goku pay for the request of assassination?
  • I feel sorry for Frost who is doubted.

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