Dragon Ball Super [Episode 73] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Great Saiyaman is made into a film and Barry Kahn acts role of Great Saiyaman! The stuntman is Gohan!

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with images】Here the title of the Dragon Ball Super episode 73!
「Gohan gets mishap! Great Saiyaman is improbably made into a film!?」

Air date: January 8 2017


Story of episode73










Somewhere in the space, Jaco captures Watagash who is a thug.
But he lets Watagash gets away.

On the other hand, in the earth, it’s decided that Great Saiyaman is made into film.
The title of the movie is 「Great Saiyaman VS Mr. Satan」.

Barry Kahn who is the popular acter acts the Great Saiyaman.
And the heroine is Amaguri Kokoa

Gohan, Videl and Satan go to see the location where the movie is taken.
At there, Barry Kahn abuses and assumes a haughty attitude to staffs.
He also says unreasonable thing to stuntman, so that Gohan runs for the stuntman!
Gohan gives a great performance and surprise everyone with that!

He was headhunted formally by the director as a stuntman.

On the way home, the robbery is occurred in the town!
Gohan is transformed into a Great Saiyaman and stands the robbers!

One of them possess by Watagash which hides out in the earth and greatly power up
But he defeated by Gohan easily.

This incident of capturing robbers becomes big issue.
But it’s revealed to Amaguri Kokoa who is a heroine of the movie that the identity of Great Saiyaman is Gohan.

It seems that she promised to not tell it anybody and Gohan decided to put her on his back and takes her home.
At that time, he met Jaco with UFO.
Jaco thinks that Watagash possesses Great Saiyaman.
And then he fires the powerful laser beam.

Personal impression and thought

These are possible situations kinds of despotic actor, former coy and tactical idol and the attitude of director and assistant director.
I feel that the staffs of Dragon Ball expose such kinds of things.

There is the scene that Gohan captures robbers.
But I remember that it wasn’t rocky area but the mountain road.

I thought it’s a one off story but it seems to have next.
Next time, Barry Kahn who is possessed by Watagash looks like General Blue.
Gohan seems to struggles with him.

The ending theme has changed from this time.
The artist is 「The Collectors」
The song title is 「Evil Angel and Justice Devil」

Personally I like its images which are comic-style.
Senbei and Freeza also appear at there!


Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans

  • It’s a so great to skip the work and eat Ramen!
  • Staffs don’t slack off to draw pictures of foods and it’s great every time!
  • Barry Kahn has appeared in the magazine only in the edition of Majin Buu.
  • Fans of the Barry Kahn are all cute.
  • Barry Kahn seems to be strong not himself but only his voice.
  • Amaguri Kokoa looks so malicious!
  • I think Videl is really good wife.
  • Will not Videl who is a Great Saiyaman NO.2 appear?
  • Does Gohan transform with wearing the grasses?
  • I think Videl in those days when she appeared first time with long hair and hard character was the best of all for me.
  • The prestigious voice actors are gathered at this time!
  • I didn’t expect that it will continue to next week.
  • I think the ending theme is much better than before.
  • I burst out with Great Saiyaman Beam!
  • Gohan was pushed by cute girl and lose.
  • Bulma wears same clothes every time, so please do something about it.

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