Dragon Ball Super [Episode 74] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Parasitic Watagash’s power is proportional to the depth of the darkness!

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with images】Here the title of Dragon Ball Super episode 74!
「For the precious! Fortitude Great Saiyaman!!」

Air date January 15 2017


Story of the episode 74











Jaco thought that Watagash possesses Great Saiyaman so that he attacked.
Jaco finds that the identity of Great Saiyaman is Gohan and his misunderstanding has cleared up.

And Barry Kahn has something on Cocoa so she sets the honey trap to Gohan.
But Cocoa attracted to his kindness and she stops to do that by herself.
She kissed to Gohan in appreciation heartily.
At that moment, Barry Kahn takes a picture.
Furthermore, Barry Kahn found out the fact that Gohan is a Great Saiyaman.

He has something on Gohan and tells Videl who is a Gohan’s wife about his cheat.
But it doesn’t mean anything because she believes and loves Gohan so much

Barry Kahn feels bitter and Watagash gravitates to his heart of darkness and possesses!
Then he gets a huge great power and challenges Gohan to battle.

After the fierce battle, Gohan goes all out and Barry Kahn loses!
The movie staffs who come to there success in taking the battle scenes which is full impact
And then, 「Great Saiyaman VS Mr. Satan」 is released safely.

Personal impression and thought

It seems that the actor whose character same as Barry Kahn is in real.
Perhaps someone becomes a model of him.

And Barry Kahn is afraid of writing of the net.
It seems that there is the net in the world of Dragon Ball.

He brings a picture of kissing Gohan and Cocoa and comes to see Videl.
It is undoubted fact that Gohan and Cocoa kissed.
But even though she saw such a picture, she said that she believes Gohan.
This time, we could feel the Videl’s love for Gohan from this episode.
If it is an ordinary home, it will breakdown!

Finally Barry Kahn and Cocoa found out the identity of Great Saiyaman.
And we could see the precious movie that Gohan becomes Super Saiyan with wearing the helmet!
Gohan has short hair so it seems to not in the way even though his hair stands on in the helmet.
It’s shame that I expect him to become ultimate Gohan

And he fired the Super Great Saiyaman Beam as if he vanished Barry Kahn.
I had no idea the way to separate Barry Kahn and Watagash!

Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans

  • The worst big star in the world!
  • Is it serious that Gohan has an affair with someone!?
  • Cocoa is quite cute!
  • Is it important to pose to practice lines?
  • I scared the honey trap!
  • If someone affairs with someone, Dragon Ball can hush up it!
  • Gohan is “Tennen Jigoro” (A person who win her affection with unconscious)
  • Videl whose head down looks scary…!
  • Videl’s love for Gohan is unbelienable!
  • I want such a wife like Videl!
  • Gohan is too weak!
  • It’s decided that the repair costs of Gohan’s home is borne by Barry Kahn!
  • Is Barry Kahn’s hais get bald after his transform?
  • I haven’t see for a long time that Videl flies in the sky.
  • Is the helmet in the way when he becomes Super Saiyan.
  • It is surprising that Barry Kahn afraid of writing of the net…
  • The model of the movie director is Spielberg!?
  • Fuji TV and Tokyo Tower are on there.
  • Barry Kahn is naked and his leg hair bared!
  • The way that Mr. Satan played someone is high level!
  • Barry Kahn and Cocoa whose shoes is on the other foots!

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