Dragon Ball Super [Episode 75] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Goku and Krillin practice together! There is the scene which bring back memories!?

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with images】Here is the title of Dragon Ball Super episode75!
「Goku and Krillin! They go to the place to practice where reminds them a good old day」

Air date January 22 2017


The story of the episode75














Goku wants to practice..
But Whis, Vegeta and Piccolo are inconvenient and can’t practice together!
Finally Goku asks Krillin to practice.

Krillin was injured when he arrest the bank robbery.
He was said 「Weak person」by Android 18 who is his wife. And also he was said 「I love daddy who is strong」by Marron who is his daughter, then he decided to practice!

Goku and Krillin go to see Master Roshi
It has been a long time that they fight.
Of course Krillin gives Goku points!
But Krillin still no match for Goku.

Master Roshi gave them a task to take a Paradise Grass.
It is a part of the practice

They reach deep in the forest which in the island.
They are shown into the forest which has a strange atmosphere by Fortuneteller Baba.
Then the smoke around them becomes the enemy and appears in front of them which they defeated in the past.

Personal impression and thought

This episode showed again that Android 18 is a good wife!
She says harshly but it’s all for Krillimn.
There was the valuable scene that Android 18 and Marron do out of the bath!

There was a flashback which is good old days and Fortuneteller Baba also appeared!
And the enemy also appeared!
It was surprising that Nappa and Tambourine appeared!
Vegeta was also there!

It seems that it is much more a practice for Goku as a heart of Krillin.
Krillin is abnormal that he still feels fear for Tambourine.
He should be able to defeat Tambourine with his finger only.

In the 「Edition of Resurrection of Freeza」, he felt fear for side characters.
Here is that episode!

Dragon Ball Super【Episode21】Spoilers and impression!
See the Tagoma’s fighting power! Master Roshi is unbelievably strong!

This practice would be for Krillin to overcome the weakness and fear of his heart.
It seems that he will recover from that then challenge to 「Edition of Space Survival」!

Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans

  • It’s a story that a person who is unemployed ask to a person who has a job!
  • Chi-chi gave an aura same as Kaio-ken!
  • The battle of Goku and Gohan waged a fierce battle!
  • The pictures are so good.
  • Did Krillin injure only he get shot by a gun?
  • Krillin became weak too much!
  • I find that Android 18 is a good wife from this episode!
  • Krillin lives a nice house more than I thought.
  • I’m happy just to see Android 18 who go out of the bath!
  • It was a shame that there wasn’t a scene that Android 18 takes a bath!
  • I’m happy for the flashback of the practice in good old days!
  • It bring back memories that Krillin presented a smut to Master Roshi!
  • Did Fortuneteller Baba still alive?
  • The same voice actress plays Krillin and Fortuneteller Baba!
  • Tambourine who killed Krillin in the past appeared!
  • There is a Nappa! And Vegeta is also there!?
  • Krillin’s heart is too weak!

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