Dragon Ball Super【V Jump comic version】 [Episode20] Story and Impression! The reason why Goku Black becomes stronger than before and his hair changes to rose pink when he becomes Super Saiyan Rose!

This is a comic version of Dragon Ball Super.
I wrote about spoiler and impression!
Episode20「Human ZERO Plan」

【It is in the V Jump month of March!】

Vジャンプ 2017年3月号/ 集英社



Goku and Vegeta confront Black in the future world.
Vegeta becomes to Super Saiyan and challenges Black to the battle!

Black becomes Super Saiyan which hair is gold!
But Vegeta’s power is overwhelmingly strong and drives Black into the corner.

Vegeta suggests Black to become Super Saiyan Blue and fight to the last.
But it seems that Black can’t become Super Saiyan Blue.

On the other hand, Beerus and others face Zamasu in the present world.
They penetrate his wiles.
And Beerus destroys Zamasu who will get Goku’s body and become Black in the future!

On the other hand in the future world, Black is put a beating and drove into the corner by Vegeta!
When Vegeta tries to finish Black off, someone saves Black.
It was Zamasu in the future world.

Black recovered by Zamasu’s power!
They conspire to execute 「Human ZARO Plan」.

2 of Zamasu join with each other

Goku and Vegeta have no idea with the person who saved Black.
Trunks guesses that he is Zamasu from his clothes.

They have already known that Black’s identity is Zamasu, so it means there are 2 of Zamasu at here.
For that, Vegeta figures out that one of Zamasu is in this future world originally.
Black is Zamasu in the present world, so Trunks got this situation that there are 2 of Zamasu at here.

Zamasu「Son Goku and Vegeta? Why are they here?」
Black「I don’t know. They appeared suddenly」

The reason is told that Zamasu comes late.
He used 「The Green Time Ring」 and went to 5 of all parallel worlds and saw how it works.
From that, he tells Black that there are not so much obstacles so it seems easy to dominate.

Zamasu and Black try to vanish all of the people in the world include the 5 of all parallel worlds
And Zamasu finds that there is another one of 「The Green Time Ring」.

Vegeta suddenly appears behind Zamasu and tells him.
Vegeta「You are in the past killed maybe. There is another one of the world where you aren’t.」

From that, Black finds that Vegeta and Goku came from the past.
Black「I’m relieved. There are no worlds where the human exist in the future, because I will vanish the all form now.」

Vegeta VS Black again!

Vegeta attacks to Black!
They start the fiercely fight!
The difference from the last time, Black drives Vegeta into the corner this time!



Trunks「Black becomes stronger again!」
Vegeta gets out of attacks from Black and loses his breath!

Black who looks down from the above starts talking.
Black「I’m no longer satisfied with becoming Super Saiyan Blue rather than ordinary Super Saiyan」

There is the way to exploit his power that Black thinks about.
Saiyan have property that they become stronger dramatically when they recover from moribund state. Black used that.

On the other hand, in the earth Supreme Kai Shin tells Beerus and others about the property of Saiyan
Zamasu who was an apprentice and an assistant of Supreme Kai has the power same as Kibito which is recover someone’s strength.
Supreme Kai Shin anticipates that Zamasu does it to Black and Black becomes stronger repeatedly.

The reason why Super Saiyan Rose’s hair is rose pink

The scene is in the future world.
Vegeta goes down by Black and become moribund!
Goku gives him Senzu Beans and he recovered!
Vegeta challenges Black to battle again.
But Black is bit stronger than him and he is drove into the corner again.


Trunks「Maybe dad can’t become stronger any more even though he recovers from the moribund」
He has already trained to the limit that is why he can’t.

Black shows no sign of fatigue!
Black「Good. Your power is just right to improve my power Vegeta!」
Black gets damages little bit.

Zamasu comes close to Black and recovers him.
Black「Every time cells in my body get damages and recovered, it will be my power. The spirit of the god will lead to the body of Saiyan.」

And finally it seems that Black has attained the state of mind where the human can’t enter.
Then Black charges up and transforms!

Goku「Huh? Pink? Hey you! The color!」
Zamasu「Amazing. When the god exceeds Super Saiyan God, it becomes not blue but rose pink!」
Black adjusts Goku and other’s sense and named his transform “Super Saiyan Rose”.

Goku suggests Vegeta to fight together to Black but he dismisses that.
He says Goku to defeat Zamasu who is the cause of recovering

Vegeta VS Black! Goku VS Zamasu!

Goku drives Zamasu into the corner easily.

Goku「You are as not so strong as Black!」
Zamasu let fly the outside light and the manhole around him to Goku with psycho kinesis!
Goku rebuffs them and outside light goes through Zamasu’s belly.

Goku「It’s never too late. Get the earth back again with Dragon Ball in this world.」
Zamasu plays a fearless smile.
The injury on the belly that the outside light went through disappears and recovered.
And he says that Dragon Ball in this world has already destroyed after he granted his last wish.

Furthermore, he starts telling that he knows he is powerless.
Zamasu「I can’t lose my property in exchange the power like another one of me. So I become an immortal.」
This is the last wish that he granted.
The reason is revealed why Zamasu in the future world didn’t take Goku’s body same as Zamasu in the present world.

When Zamasu holds his hands over, the bag with Senzu Beans which in the Goku’s bosom Momentum Teleportation to Zamasu.
Zamasu「The power of the god is very useful. Don’t you think so?」
Amd he vanishes the Senzu Beans with Bag.

Goku and Vegeta drive into the corner!

Zamasu holds his hands over and Goku can’t move as if he is in a straitjacket!
And he got attacks from Zamasu!
Zamasu「There is the way to fight in the god’s own way even though I don’t have such a power」

On the other hand, it seems that Black is too much for Vegeta and he gets beat up.
Finally he is faint and back to the normal!
Trunks run up to Vegeta!
Trunks「Goku-san! Withdraw now! If it goes on, all of us will be killed.」

Zamasu tells Black to kill Trunks who isn’t useful anymore for them.
They kept Trunks alive to improve Black’s power only
Trunks finds out that fact.

Trunks tells Goku and others to close their eyes and uses Solar Flare!
Zamasu and Black dazzle!
Trunks, Goku and Vegeta succeed to escape while that.

Go to the past to learn Evil Containment Wave!

Trunks, Goku and Vegeta walk to escape in the sewer.
He learned Solar Flare from Gohan who is a master of him.
They think about the way to defeat Zamasu who is an immortal.

Goku comes up with one idea.
It is Evil Containment Wave.
Master Roshi knows how to do that, so Goku thinks to ask and teach from him.
For that, they decide to go back to the past.

On the other hand, Black and Zamasu search Goku and other’s Ki.
Black「Just as I thought, it seems that Saiyans can their sign change to zero.」
But Mai can’t do that, so she is searched by them.

Black and Zamasu come near by Mai by Momentum Teleportation!
Black drives Mai into the corner!
But it is the strategy that Mai draws an attention of Black and Zamasu then Trunks makes a surprise attack on them!

Trunks thrusts Zamasu’s back and blows up Black!
Trunks「That’s a shame. Goku-san and others are not here!」

The Time Machine has already in the sky and there are Goku and Vegeta who is faint in that.
Trunks interrupts Black’s attack who tries to destroy the Time Machine!

Trunks is held his face and hit by Black.
He looks at that the Time Machine goes to the past out of the corner of his eyes.
Trunks「This is our only hope. Goku-san. Dad.」

Personal impression and thought

In the comic, the story is explained more deeply than animation so it’s easy to understand.
Furthermore, it compensate for the missing parts of explanation.

In the case of raising Black’s power, writers use the fun’s characteristics that they know about Saiyan’s characteristics.
In the animation, the setting didn’t make any sense that Black becomes stronger when he got the damages even though he didn’t recover.
And also he said that Goku’s body comes to fit.

In the comic, the setting of the past is used faithfully and I’m satisfied with that more than the animation. It was so great.
The characterictics of Saiyan and the property of the god stand out more!

And they explain in details about the Super Saiyan Rose and rose pink hair which reason is unclear in the animation!
From that, I found that Super Saiyan Rose is not above the Super Saiyan Blue but same figure as Super Saiyan Blue!

In the animation, when they escape from Black and Zamasu, they used a grenade.
It’s impossible to escape with only using and there were so many blemish points!
In the comic, it has been changed to the good way that Trunks used Solar Flare to escape and I was satisfied with that reason.

I hope that the discrepancies in the animation will be changed to the good way more and more in the comic.
Next time, Evil Containment Wave will appear. But I don’t think such an impossible story development that the vase breaks, forget an amulet and so on likes in the animation! I expect next story!

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