Dragon Ball Super [Space Survival] The new characters God of Destruction and angels will appear one after another!

It can be expected for 「Edition of Space Survival」which will air in February 5 2017.
The new characters are introduced in V Jump.
And the trailer of Dragon Ball Super in the animation, the new movies has showed.
God of Destruction, Angel and much more unique characters will appear.
I look forward from now!


Space Survival 「Spoiler of V Jump」

The pictures are drawn by Mr. Akira Toriyama.
Android 17 and Android 18 also appear!
They appear as siblings!
It is also written whether the scene of the combination technique of Android 18 and Krillin , Android 18 and Android 17 will appear or not!

Their real names are Rapisu and Razuri.
There is a setting that they were punks who were out of control when they were human.
The pink jersey shows her way of punks!

Android 17 lives a life that he marries and has a child after the story of Majin Buu.
Also he has an adopted child.
In the setting, he works as a park ranger of Animal Sanctuary in the Royal Nature Park.

The person who take care of the public park, we call them Ranger.
There is 「Ranger」on the armband of his left arm. It seems that he became a ranger!
The new God of Destruction and an angel are also drawn by Mr. Akira Toriyama!
If there is a gender among them, an angel looks mannish.
God of Destruction looks middle aged bald head man.

In the commentary, there is Stubbly Beard on that!
It seems that it’s unclear which space it is.

And they fight at the arena which is shaped of the frame!
Surprisingly it’s simple.

Spoiler from the trailer of the animation

After the aired the Dragon Ball Super episode 75, the trailer of 「Edition of Space Survival」 showed.
In this movie, many characters appear. It’s well-made and set my expectation!

It is a picture which is cut out from the movie!
She looks like Broly female version.
From that she transforms and the hair changed to gold, is she transform?
Perhaps, there are Saiyans except Universe6 and Universe7.


It is a God of Destruction and an angel in the Universe10 that I have been thinking about until now.
It was the God of destruction whose appearance is elephant when Supreme Kai Gowasu died.

God of Destruction looks clown.
An angel who looks Vados whose hair style changed to tails only also appears!
There is a mysterious person who wears black foods only in this team!
I can’t stop thinking about it!





The new characters God of Destruction!

Universe Survival Tournament


Supreme Kai Realm of Universe 9

God of Destruction Realm of Universe 9

Supreme Kai Realm of Universe 11

Personal impression and thought

In the trailer of the animation, the new characters appear at once!
I’m really looking forward the day of showing all of characters!

It seems that every angel have same vide in the any universe.
Perhaps all of them are children of Grand Priest!

God of Destruction in Universe10 who wasn’t appear when Goku and others came and went at there in the story of Black and Zamasu finally appear!
I’m happy if it touches on something about Zamasu and Black.

Furthermore, there is a scene of battle!
It seems that the enemy characters are like underdogs
Vegeta becomes Super Saiyan and Goku is normal state.
Are enemies not strong as that they don’t need to become Super Saiyan Blue?


The totals of members for battle are per 10 people in each universe from the all 12 universes, so there are so many characters.
It seems that there are many characters who retire!

Here is the summary of the Edition of Space Survival!

Android 17 and Tien Shinhan also appear in the new story of Dragon Ball Super「Edition of Space Survival」!

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