Dragon Ball Super [Episode 76] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Enemies in the past! Krillin loses his will to fight with Tambourine and others!

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with picture】Here is the title of Dragon Ball Super episode 76!
「Defeat the enemy! Krillin raises his fighting spirit again!」

Air date January 29 2017


The story of the episode76












Goku and Krillin look for a Paradise Grass as part of the training of Master Roshi.
In the forest, they face off enemies which are an illusion.

It seems that the fear of enemies who fought in the past made substantial.
Most of that is from the fear in Krillin’s heart.

Krillin attacked by enemy who killed him in the past and he loses his fighting spirit.
Goku seems to enjoy fighting.

Krillin calms down by himself and controls his fears.
Krillin got the way of the「Control of Ki and heart」 and he defeats enemies!
He could overcome the fear in his mind!
And finally they get the Paradise Grass.

Krillin attracts to the strength of Goku that he smiles even though he has any difficulties.
For protecting his precious family, he decided to be a martial artist like Goku

Personal impression and thought

This episode was for Krillin to overcome his fears and grew up!
It seems that Master Roshi became more energetic by taking the Paradise Grass.
I think he will also play an active role in the “Edition of Space Survival”.

It was surprise that there was Raditz even tough he wasn’t there in the trailer!
And Bulma also appeared!
It was scary that she came toward with smile which is full of evil.
She used Flight so I feel scary for her in many ways.


The Flying Nimbus (Kinton) appeared for the first time in a while!
Goku still has a pure heart now and he can ride it.
In the edition of Majin Buu, Goku said 「Its alright, they can come back to life by Dragon Ball.」「Don’t worry.」 and left people to his fate even though he knows that they will be killed by Majin Buu. I’m surprised that Goku can ride Flying Nimbus even though he did such a thing.
It is a scene of the story often on the net.


There was the scene that Krillin broke in two Nappa by Destructo Disc which didn’t realize in the original.
There was the flashback which is new that Krillin was killed by Tambourine!
It was shame that the enemies didn’t talk.
But I think this episode was good which becomes foreshadowing of Krillin and Master Roshi that they challenge to the Edition of Space Survival!

Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans


  • That’s too shame that enemies in this episode don’t talk anything!
  • Vegeta whose first appearance at the time is great!
  • In many ways, I think Nappa is the strongest!
  • Say something Tambourine!
  • Krillin can defeat Tambourine at only one blow now!
  • Krillin in a suits brings back memories!
  • I feel sorry for Krillin because he was killed many times.
  • Does Bulma is also one of the fear of Krillin!?
  • The voice of Fortuneteller Baba and Krillin is same!
  • Finally, Android 18 is a great wife.
  • Bulma uses Flight!
  • Krillin is emotionally unstable!
  • Goku becomes Super Saiyan 3 who has not so much lines!
  • Does Goku still can ride Flying Nimbus?
  • Nappa has a strong impression of nude!
  • Krillin became stronger rapidly!
  • I think Krillin suits close- cropped hair rather than with hair.
  • In this episode, Krillin becomes stronger humanly.
  • It’s ready to go to the Edition of Space Survival!
  • Only an appearance, Tambourine looks the strongest!
  • I hope for Krillin’s success!

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  1. 匿名 says:

    The Super Shenron killed by GOKU.

    Shenron killed by Piccolo.

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    I never thought Freeza become friends Goku.