Dragon Ball Super [Episode 77] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: Bulla, the daughter of Vegeta! The tournament hosted by Zen-Oh will begin!

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with picture】The official title for the Dragon Ball Super episode 77 is−!
「Let’s do it, Zen-Oh!The all -universe martial arts tournament!!」

Air Date: February 5 2017


Story of episode 77













Goku is working as a farmer.
Goku was approached by robbers. Goku received a little scratch by a gunshot shot by one of the robber.

Goku realizes that his body is getting weak. Now he decides to train again.

Goku invites Vegeta to train with Whis.
However, Vegeta declines Goku’s offer because Bulma is about to give birth.

Only Goku is going to train with Whis.
Goku remembers the universal tournament that Zen-Oh mentioned before.

Goku ignores Beerus. He just heads for Zen-Oh without Beerus’s permission.
Now the tournament will be officially held.
The rule is to participate selected ten warriors from each universe.

Personal thoughts and review

Opening song has changed!
Japanese Enka singer, Kiyoshi Hikawa sings 「GENKAITOPPA x SURVIVOR」!
Up-beat, good review, very cool song!

Goku was bleeding by gunshot.
This scene describes that Goku’s gotten weaker than when he was a child.
It’s not like he wasn’t aware of robbers are shooting gun.
I think they should have used different way if they wanted to express how Goku is getting rusty.

Vegeta was nervous about the Bulma and the baby. It was very impressive scene.
Vegeta didn’t care when Trunks was born, and what he care was his own training.
He didn’t even try to help Bulma and baby Trunks when they got attacked by Android 20.
Now Vegeta turns to a good person. The scene shows the Vegeta’s transformation really good. !
Bulma is late 40s. It must be late childbearing!

There is a Beerus’s absolute power as a God of Destruction.
Beerus thinks that he and Goku are getting too close. There is a very serious scene Beerus tried to destroy Goku because Goku ignored Beerus’s warning!

It was the first time Beerus meets Grand Priest.

Beerus’s attitude toward Grand Priest is exactly same as Zen-Oh.
Beerus afraid of Grand Priest also.
How Beerus can demand and speak to Whis who is a child of Grand Priest.
Will it be revealed more about Grand Priest in the future episode?

Review from Japanese fun

  • Goku and Krillin became too weak!
  • Dumb scriptwriter.
  • Goku seems weaker than his childhood.
  • The bullet got powered up nowadays?
  • Kiyoshi Hikawa is quite good at rock!
  • What is the grey alien looking thing in the opening song?
  • Too lazy to create new character!
  • It is very impressive that Goku actually working hard.
  • The world of Dragon Ball is so ghetto.
  • Goten and Trunks are still small.
  • Bulma, good luck on late childbearing!
  • Vegeta’s personality became so normal.
  • All the words come out from Vegeta now couldn’t be predicted from Vegeta in the past.
  • This can’t connect to the ending of the original comic book.
  • Opening music is good but lyrics sucks.
  • Master Roshi looks better than Yamcha.

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