Dragon Ball Super [Episode 78] Spoilers! Review, Discussion and impression: The members of the Universe 9 appeared Basil VS Buu!

There are comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans!
【with images】Here is the title of Dragon Ball Super episode 78!
「Gods of all of the Universe turn off!? They will vanish if they lose at 「Tournament of Power」」

Air date February 12 2017


Story of episode 78



















It is decided that Tournament of Power which sponsored by Zen-oh will take place at the World of Void
Goku and others are surprised at the rule that the Universe who lose will vanish.

Zen-oh who came from the future has never seen their fight before.
It is decided to have a prelude for Zen-oh who really wants to see their fight!

Goku fight with the 3 members of the Universe 9.
He scrambles to recruit members.

Vegeta can’t join with him because Bulma who is his wife is expecting a second baby.
He asks Gohan who is his son and gets a nod from Videl. Finally he succeeds at persuading Gohan.
And also he asks Buu who live with Gohan to join with him.
Goku, Gohan and Buu. Here is the 3 members from the Universe 7.

At the palace of Zen-oh, the members from Universe 9 gather.
Finally they are taken to the World of Void by Grand Priest.

At the calling from Grand Priest, Gods of Destruction, Angels and Supreme Kais from the all of the Universe appeared!
He explains about the prelude.

And finally, the fight of Basil from Universe 9 VS Majin Buu starts.

Personal impression and thought

It seems that the Most Valuable Player (MVP) of this tournament will get the Super Dragon Ball.
It is confirmed that Super Dragon Ball which destroyed by Zamasu and Black is not at this world but at the Parallel World.
Perhaps they will restore the Universes to the former state which has vanished at the last.

Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais from all of Universes gather together!
It comes through that Supreme Kai of Universe 9 Rou is sarcastic.
Before the 「Tournament of Power」, at this fight, there is more possibility for Supreme Kai Rou that he will annoy Zen-oh and vanished by him.
I just have a feeling.

The small God of Destruction who is glance in this scene.
I have a feeling that he will also vanished without large success.

The fighters from all of the 12 Universes and per 10 members of each, so the total of that are 120.
If I draw the fight for one by one, it will take years.
Some of them annoy Zen-oh and vanished without the results of the fights.
I’m excited with the fight and what going on.

Comments and opinions by Japanese Dragon Ball Fans

  • It’s been a while since I saw a cool wolf fighter!
  • I expect Goku to use Evil Containment Wave that he learned before!
  • It seems that the parents of Zen-oh will appear.
  • I think it will end after they restore the Universes which has vanished.
  • Why does Supreme Kai Shin upset even though he knows Buu’s strength?
  • I think that the names of wolves characters are from essential oils, aren’t they?
  • I’m awaited anxiously by Gohan doesn’t give a bad account for himself like edition of Freeza
  • I think that the tone of voice of Zen-oh from the future is low and cold.
  • Why are members per 10 from each Universe? I think it’s too much, isn’t it?
  • I feel scary that Zen-oh is too childish.
  • Will it end at the episode 100?
  • I think that Ringleader of it is Goku, isn’t it?
  • Does Goku feel nothing even though other Universes vanished?
  • I’m think that this story will not lead to the last of original story.
  • I think that the next form of Super Saiyan Blue will come soon
  • Is Grand Priest evil actually?

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