Goku VS Nappa ! Verification of the moving image and power level! BGM is too great!

Goku and Nappa battle of the Saiyan polarized I was the best !
We will try to introduce the scene !
Version of the special of the Dragon Ball Z is the highest , including BGM!
Dragon Ball Kai is the worst compared to it .
Also we will introduce the two comparison videos!
It is a little recap also power level !



How much power level of Nappa ?

Goku fighting force is 5,000 at a minimum .
Nappa was very surprised .
Nappa was pretty upset !

Piccolo has said, ” Nappa is unusual upset .”
power level of Nappa from this thing is estimated to 5,000 or less !
power level of Nappa an official and the game has become a 4,000 .

In this regard there is also controversial .
The Nappa it becomes calm by being angry Vegeta .

It was a good fight and Goku !

Goku power level is 8,000 little .
It is twice the Nappa !
It was a good fight and Goku !
Therefore, I think we some 6,000 on the Internet ? What a has been rumored .

Battle of Goku VS Nappa !

It is stronger than Goku Nappa

Dragon Ball Z version

Dragon Ball Kai version

Personally version of Dragon Ball Z is the best ! !
BGM is the decisive difference .
Why is there is no BGM in Dragon Ball Kai ?

Kai is often have to cut unwanted scenes .
Whereby there is also that no longer fit the BGM and video .
For that reason , even if there Dragon Ball Kai is also that do not use BGM.
Where is this scene also should not have been cut .

It is not used BGM of the time of the Z in Kai.
It is regrettable that .
Kai very quality it is regrettable , even beautiful .

kai is not personally the BGM memorable .
I think BGM to use one of the time of Dragon Ball Z.
As for Dragon Ball Z, BGM is the really best!

This time was very good drawing

By the way, the animation like the point is the scene from Dragon Ball Z episode28[Saiyan of fury!Both God and the piccolo died]
This Episode 28 was great good drawing.
Extremely good!
The picture of the original is very near!

The next time becomes such Goku!
I am too disappointed from now on though it is the scene where Goku corners Nappa in!
I do it in being disappointed very much
t is too much more different than last Goku!
Other characters were disappointed for such a feeling, too!

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